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Vehicle troubleshooting

What should I do if the car is closed accidentally when changing the battery and the car cannot be opened?

Wisdom key

If the Smartscooter™ smart wheels are locked or there is no battery in the storage box, press and hold the iQ System™ wireless smart key (about 2 seconds) to unlock the seat cushion to open the storage box.


Smart key card

Press and hold the cushion opening button on the right handle first and do not let go, and then place the iQ System® smart key card in the sensing area to open the storage box.


​When you press the key to start the vehicle, a triangle warning symbol appears on the screen

The rear compartment is not covered properly

Please firmly press the seat cushion to make sure the car is closed tightly

截圖 2021-06-06 下午4.58.40-min.png

The jamb did not kick back

First, please kick the sidepost back (return to the recovered state), if it still fails, kick the sidepost back and then kick it back

截圖 2021-06-06 下午4.58.07-min.png

Throttle correction return

First turn the throttle to the end and then release to return to zero. Please repeat this action three times

截圖 2021-06-06 下午4.58.31-min.png

​When you press the key to start the vehicle, a black screen appears on the screen, and there is no response to pressing the key and the magnetic card

The vehicle enters sleep mode

If the vehicle is not started for a long time or the battery is too low, it will be illuminated as the vehicle enters sleep mode. Press and hold the GO button on the dashboard for about 5-10 seconds until the exclamation mark flashes, press the key or the sensor card to unlock it.

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