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Old Locomotives: Guided Tour of Dadaocheng, North Gate of Ximen

Travel expert : Xiaoguan

Travel time : 2-3 hours

Tour content : treasure hunt, visit to old houses, cycling tour, in-depth stories, history and culture

Transportation: gogoro electric car

Suitable for age: young, couples, people who like to listen to stories

Interesting level:


​History and Culture:

Start the adventure



ZOCHA Ximen Store:

Located at Exit 1 of Ximending MRT Station, it is about 5-10 minutes walk away. Although it is a car rental company, the interior decoration is very comfortable. If you arrive early, you can come here for a leisurely lunch!



Daodi Old House:

In addition to eating, drinking, and having fun in Lai Dihua Street, the most exciting thing is to be able to hear the stories of some old houses. The big three words "Zheng Shuncheng" are written on the outer wall of the old house. I sincerely invite you to take a look at this old house and the story of the owner.



Yuanzhen Pickles Square :

In addition to the flavor that pickles bring to the diet, it is also a philosophy of life. This old house is closely related to the history of the early days of the Japanese occupation of Dadaocheng. Physician Huang Yujie is a pioneer in the promotion of modern Taiwan, and his contributions to the region are numerous. Counting the past in front of the pickle restaurant he opened, it was very sensible.



North Gate:

The North Gate is also called Cheng'en Gate. It was the gate that the Qing Dynasty's governors must pass when they came to Taiwan to take office. The building materials and history of the city gate have many short stories to share with you. In particular, Feng Shui survey and the direction of the city gate have been critically modified.



Xinfangchun Museum:

Xinfangchun is the largest and most complete tea museum in existence. In such an old house, you can hear the story of the former owner and the meaning behind the decoration of the old house. The exhibition is changed every four months. Only the guide volunteers here can provide you with the most accurate and complete information.



North Gate Post Office:

Did you know that before the Beimen Post Office was designated as a historic site in a municipality directly under the Central Government by the Ministry of the Interior, Chunghwa Post actively wanted to demolish it. This one of the oldest post offices in Taiwan almost couldn't escape the catastrophe. When you come here, you must take a look at his 13-patterned face bricks and the simple modern eclectic facade.



Futai Street Foreign House:

The overall decoration of the Futai Street Western-style building is simple and not complicated, although the details are simple but meticulous. It is deeply influenced by the European classical style and presents simplicity and beauty. I built a building on my own, using a large number of shore stones, just like the buildings you would see when you walk into an ancient European city.



Zhongshan Hall:

When the Nationalist Government came to Taiwan, Zhongshan Hall was a place to receive foreign dignitaries, and it was also a meeting place for the National Assembly. It is also the place where the National Government accepted the Japanese surrender signature. President Jiang Zhongzheng held the National Day meeting here and waved to the people on the balcony in front of the second floor of Zhongshan Tower.



Red House:

Legend has it that the original site of the Red Mansion in Ximen was a cemetery, which echoes the design of the Eight Diagrams Building and the cross building of the Red Mansion. I want to suppress the yin in the cemetery. Cinemas in Ximending have sprung up after the rain, with fierce competition, and their operations cannot rival the newly opened cinemas. This made the old Honglou Cinema once a second-round cinema.



Japanese Medicine Honpo-Nippon Street Museum:

do you know? There is an old-time street-view museum above the Japanese medicine shop in the crowded Ximending. There are shrines, post offices and hot spring baths. Come here to experience the atmosphere of the past!



Graffiti Street + Mosquito Cinema:

Ximending is a representative place of Taiwan’s youth culture, and it is no surprise that Graffiti Street appears here. It is also called American Street, and there are many American cultural trend clothes and accessories. From the second-hand period to the Harajuku American style to parallel imports, we have witnessed the changes in the trend of young people in Taiwan. Wuchang Street on the side was also a movie street during the heyday of movies.

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