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ZOCHA has always been doing more than just a traditional car dealership, but combining Internet technology to create a fast, safe and price-transparent locomotive rental platform, so that every friend who loves to travel has a safe car, A happy memory, a traveling home.

ZOCHA Keelung Yiyi Store, where is our hometown and the first stop of our trip. Later, more and more partners who love to travel and like electric cars joined us, so we started to complete our travel map in Taiwan. Our footprints can be found in 9 counties and cities in Taiwan.

So, do you also like to travel by bike?

Join ZOCHA together!


Suitable for

Suitable for

​I am a traditional car industry player, I want to transform

I have a dream, I want to start a business

Why choose to join ZOCHA

Why choose to join ZOCHA

Want to solve the problems encountered by traditional car dealers

Too many vehicles, it is troublesome to manage

I'm most afraid of not returning the rental car and not getting the car back

I just bought a new car, so worried about being stolen

Every time I receive a ticket, I have to work hard to find a car rental record

Love electric cars, but there is no suitable stage

Get out of the traditional car dealership, what you do is travel services

One machine in hand, keep track of vehicles, orders and reports at any time

Low risk, better vehicle value retention than the beverage industry

Car rental agencies can also be very different

​We can provide

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Online and offline​

​Order integration



​Education and training



​Marketing Analysis



​Vehicle Management System



​Real-Name Member​

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