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Combining the characteristics of local businesses

​Create a more interesting travel experience






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Taipei Transit Station TBS

Take gogoro at the transfer station and enjoy double discounts, currently available at the transfer stations in Taipei, Keelung, Taichung, Tainan, and Changhua

Offer 1: ZOCHA members will receive 20 yuan in transfer coins, which can be used to offset the ticket purchase fee.

Offer 2: Purchase a passenger bus ticket on the TBS Taipei Transit Station app and enjoy a discount of RMB 69 on rent.

​ #transfer station #traffic


Want Want Youlian Insurance

Members of Want Want Youlian enjoy a 49/yuan discount for renting motorcycles


Complete any insurance and enter the designated activity code [WZGO]

Enjoy $49 riding bonus + draw $100 super shopping bonus (30 people in total)


Keelung special about shops


Tide to the sea-Yishui

Suiila has diving teaching/tourism/activity/equipment, professional PADI open water diver/advanced open water diver course, the first choice for diving teaching.

ZOCHA members experience Yishui activities, initial licenses of Yishui, and enjoy an exclusive 10% discount

​#基隆#Have fun


​Marine Waste-SUP Experience

Water activities|Canoe SUP snorkeling marine education|Marine debris survey, marine life
Local guide|For backpackers sofa surfing and eating fish youth|Fish eating education course

ZOCHA member ​Enjoy 10% discount on all activities

​#基隆#Have fun


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Chengyi Cultural Tourism Fresh Water Hair Dryer

Hotel address: No. 27, Shalun Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

Contact number: 02-2805-1212

Feature introduction: Taking "Dr. Mackay's Journey in Time" as the design axis, Dr. Mackay's Danshui diary can be seen everywhere in the museum. The location is close to the light rail Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf Station, the best choice to appreciate the Gold Coast!

Stay at Tamsui Hairy and enjoy discounts on locomotive rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#near Fisherman’s Wharf

Taichung special about shops


DM Cafe

Driftwood's stability

A little girl with Hello Kitty

Enthusiasm and persistence in coffee for ten years

Welcome to-DM Café :)

10% discount for ZOCHA members



CV Dessert Salon

[CV Black Angel] Chef Fan Donglong

Create a brand new cake brand in 2009!

Use top high concentration Belgian chocolate

(Bitter but sweet is the noble product in chocolate)

Little Tower-5% off individual cakes

Birthday cake-6 and 8 inches 5% off

Plus Size-10% off any birthday cake purchase that month's birthday

(Except for discount cakes)




Chengyi Culture Hotel Taichung Bird Day

Hotel Address: No. 98, Zhongming South Road, West District, Taichung City

Contact number: 04-2329-2266

Feature introduction: Incorporating the characteristics of Taichung's industrial city and the special shape of the birdcage, the location is very convenient near the Jingcheng and Qinmei business districts. Let us live a life of birds and birds, and live a roaming life.

Stay at Bird Day in Taichung to enjoy discounts on motorcycle rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#Jinqinmei Business District


CityCity Hotel

No. 201, Section 1, Taiwan Avenue, Central District, Taichung City


Chengzhongcheng is a small town in the big city of Taichung, and it is also a resting space exclusively for you. The sun is shining and the tiles and walls are falling. Come and sit in the city and stretch your tired limbs!

Stay in the city hotel to enjoy the discount on car rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#near the train station


Tango Hotel

Hotel Address: No. 525, Dadun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Contact number: 04-2320-0000

Feature introduction: Tange Hotel is a leading hotel in the industry with its modern and stylish low-key luxury style. The guest rooms are elegantly designed and spacious, and all kinds of equipment are novel and perfect.

Stay at The Tango Hotel and enjoy discounts on motorbike rental

​#太中#酒店#High CP value


Dadun Street Hotel

No. 201, Section 1, Taiwan Avenue, Central District, Taichung City


Opening in 2020, the hotel style is industrial retro, clean and comfortable, and you can take pictures. There is a coffee shop on the 1F where you can take a rest, have afternoon tea and snacks, and arrange your itinerary!

Stay at Dadun Street Hotel to enjoy discounts on motorcycle rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#near the train station


Kiwi Express Hotel 

Hotel Address: No. 29, Luchuan West Street, West District, Taichung City

Contact number: 04-35067728

Feature introduction: Excellent location, 7 minutes walk from Taichung Railway Station, 4 minutes walk from Miyahara Ophthalmology Department, convenient transportation, LOFT industrial style design of the whole building, a characteristic youth backpacker hotel

Stay at Kiwi Express Hotel and enjoy discounts on motorbike rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#near the train station


Mr. Mantle

No. 271, Section 1, Taiwan Avenue, Central District, Taichung City



Mr. Mante, who comes from the egg yolk district in the center of Taichung City, firmly believes that accommodation should be more private, stable and comfortable. This trip may be presumptuous, and may be planned for a long time. Find the most suitable way for you to travel

Stay at Dadun Street Hotel to enjoy discounts on motorcycle rental

​#Taichung#Hotel#Downtown core

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