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Around the Island Story


Around the island is a time to be alone with myself

In the process, both romantic and difficult

But round the island can let people find their inner self

With a passion of blood, a dream

Come and rent a car around the island

Write your own story around the island in your limited life

In addition to providing super discounts around the island, ZOCHA also has GoPro waterproof cameras, three-way multi-function handheld poles, video helmets... and other equipment can be purchased freely, so that every passenger around the island can enjoy the best quality service And experience.

ZOCHA supports you to complete your own story around the island

Island round plan

Choose a starting point for your island-hopping story


Five-day roundabout plan



Seven-day round-the-island program


Included services:

1,000 kilometers

Unlimited battery exchange

Safety helmet * 2

Hat cover * 2

​Mobile phone holder *1

Mileage 1000 km

​cap liner*2

Unlimited battery swaps

Mobile phone holder*1

Hard hat*1

Days around the island-Additional purchase area

The scenery is to appreciate slowly

icon 匯整-14.png

​ Additional purchase days

Weekdays and holidays: 600 yuan / day
Continuous holidays: 680 yuan / day

icon 匯整-15.png

Multiplier with leave

Scenarios such as spanning consecutive holidays
An additional 200 yuan/day is required

Consecutive holidays include:

New Year's Day, Spring Festival, 228th Anniversary, Children's Day, Ching Ming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day


Third Party Liability Insurance​


Car-to-car collision insurance-30,000

Liability Insurance for Third Party Injury-2 million

Third party property loss liability insurance-100,000

​Locomotive Passenger Liability Insurance-1 million

​Additional insurance-Additional purchase area

Let your journey more peace of mind

Locomotive round the island cost, locomotive round the island three days and two nights, locomotive round island attractions, locomotive round island route 2019, locomotive round island route 2019, locomotive, Taiwan, bicycle, itinerary, trip, full guide, must-see, members, enthusiastic, community

Instructions for round-the-island plan

Instructions for the round-the-island program:
1. The mileage is 1,000 kilometers , and an extra RMB 3 is required for each additional kilometer .

2. This project provides services at Keelung Yiyi Store , Ximen Store , Tainan Cultural and Creative Store , Changhua Station Zhengmao Store , Hsinchu Station Front Store

3. The car model provided in this project is gogoro 2 Plus, and some stores provide other models.

4. If it exceeds the specified number of days, an additional purchase price of 500 yuan per day will be added.

5. If you have any incurable diseases, please send a private message to the FB fan editor

6. Register members in advance, which can greatly speed up the pick-up time on the day

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