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about Us

About us

The homonym of "ZOCHA" is the same as that of Taiwanese for renting a car (ㄗㄡㄑ一ㄚ), hoping to show the spirit of localization in Taiwan. We were founded in 2017 by a group of young people who love to travel by bike. We are a new locomotive rental platform. We are aware of the current Taiwan car rental environment and hope to provide transparent, convenient, safe and secure car rental through the technology of the Internet and the platform. Experience.

ZOCHA is the best platform for you to rent a motorcycle and travel

ZOCHA is here

ZOCHA is here

Riding a motorcycle in Taiwan has become a culture, and riding a motorcycle around the island is one of the items on the life list of Taiwanese. It is also the most localized way for foreigners to travel to Taiwan. They can experience the culture of Taiwan by riding a motorcycle through the streets and alleys.

ZOCHA hopes to build a fast, safe and transparent locomotive rental platform through the existing Internet technology, making it easier and more secure to travel by bike.


ZOCHA features

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