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​Business hours

Monday to Sunday: 08:00-20:00
👉Continuous Holiday Hours

Store Features


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​Online appointment​

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comfortable seating area

How to rent a car in Hsinchu


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Hsinchu motorcycle rental provides accessories

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billing method

1. Car rental fee:

- Billed by the hour, it varies according to different vehicle types
(Detailed vehicle billing charges)

-24 hours included60 km free miles
(More than 3.5 yuan per kilometer)

2. Make an appointment to book a car:

- A deposit of RMB 200 per unit is required
​ (for detailed payment methods, please contact 👉How to prepay the deposit)

Model introduction



Gogoro 2 Plus

| Billed by the hour: 110 yuan / hour

(up to 680 yuan for 24 hours)

Explanation of additional charges

1. Roadside assistance:

- 300 yuan for 0~7 kilometers
-7.1~10 kilometers
400 yuan

​ (more than 10 kilometers, an additional 15 yuan per kilometer)

2. Compensation for damages:

The renter please take good care of it and the principle of non-damage. If the vehicle is obviously damaged or damaged, we will claim for compensation for these parts.

Deposit Refund Policy

1. General Refund Policy:


- More than 72 hours, full refund of deposit

(The deposit will be deducted from the handling fee and then refunded)

- Within 72 hours, the deposit is non-refundable


2. Special circumstances refund policy:

If the car rental trip is directly or indirectly affected by natural disasters (such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc., rainy days are not included), a full refund is available.


1. Please bringOrdinary heavy locomotive driver's licenseandidentity card
2. all
Vehicles are insured with compulsory motorcycle insurance, In addition, the site cooperates with insurance companies to provide travel safety insurance for consumers to add external insurance by themselves.
3. When renting and returning the vehicle,
Passengers are advised to check around the vehicle and take photos or videos, to avoid subsequent disputes. The renter please take good care of it and the principle of non-damage. If the vehicle is obviously damaged or damaged, we will claim for compensation for these parts.

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About Hsinchu Hexuantu Motorcycle Rental

Hexuan Hotel is close to Zhuke, National Highway No. 1, Yangming Transportation, and Tsinghua University. It is the only one in Hsinchu City that each room type has an independent balcony, independent air conditioner, and bathtub. With the concept of "slowly enjoying the selected time", it provides Star service and customized experience, as well as modern space and equipment specially designed for the new business era.

The location connects the Jiangjun Village Cultural and Creative Park and Yangming Jiaotong University Bamboo Lake, one of the eight scenic spots in Hsinchu. In the comfortable and green environment that is quiet amidst the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy the quiet years of roaming in the technology city, and enjoy the precious memories like a feather in the auspicious light.

Well-equipped comfortable rooms, each equipped with an exclusive balcony, independent heating and cooling air-conditioning and digital smart TV. The Yanyanxuan Chinese Restaurant, Versailles Western Restaurant and Folie Fun European-style bakery in the hotel provide tourists with rich and interesting gourmet feasts, allowing tourists to slow down, rest and regenerate in a relaxed atmosphere.


Hexuantu, your choice.

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