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Taichung Opening Ceremony: Limited rent for two days, get one free


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​Limited discounts, book a car rental now

◎Venue: ZOCHA Taichung Station Front Store

◎Activity time: ~110.1.31

◎Participants: Everyone (limited spots)

Join ZOCHA fans, and issued a "congratulations ZOCHA Taichung Zhanqian opening celebration", can enjoy preferential rent two days send a day in FB.

Congratulations tips:

1. Join ZOCHA Line@ 👉

2. Enter " Taichung Opening Ceremony "

3. Pick a favorite blessing word

4. Copy to personal FB post and attach a store photo

5. Finally @tag ZOCHA, complete the release

Vehicle selection:

Gogoro 2 Plus = 680 / day

Gogoro 3 = 680 / day

PGO electric car = 680 / day

Gogoro VIVA = 450 / day

◎Preferential content:

During the opening period, go to the ZochA Taichung Station shop and complete the above actions, and you can enjoy Gogoro rent for two days and get one day free.


680 / day



680 / day


車車3_工作區域 1-min.jpg

680 / two days

No increase in price

​Book a rental car now

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​Taichung Station Front Store

The Taichung Station Front Store is located at the back station of Taichung Railway Station. You can find us within 2 minutes. Our stores provide a variety of cars to meet different needs of travelers, including Gogoro 2 series cars suitable for long-distance travel, Gogoro 3 series cars that are popular in the market, and Gogoro VIVA cars that are light and easy to travel.

Different from the general experience of renting a motorcycle in Taichung, the quiet and comfortable riding experience of electric vehicles allows each passenger to relax listening and enjoying the beauty of nature. In Taichung, there are a variety of different sightseeing spots, such as the beautiful wetlands with fantastic sunsets, the world-class Taichung National Opera, and the beautiful night view of Wanggaoliao... etc. There are so many more worthy of you. Visited the scenic spots in Taichung, I recommend you ride a bike and visit every corner of Taichung!

If you are still looking for a car rental agency to rent a car , trust me, just come to ZOCHA! ZOCHA will be your best choice with the highest CP value!


Are you moving! Let ZOCA accompany you on a wonderful trip to Taichung!

Recommended locomotive rental in Taichung


When I come to Taichung Railway Station, I can see the full of Taichung locomotive rental shops at a glance. There are Zhongxing locomotive rental, Taichung high-speed rail rental locomotive, Taichung locomotive rental rent... etc. But even so, ZochA Taichung Station Front Store is still a lot of car dealers. Fans who have been to the ZOCHA Taichung store can help to witness the most dazzling presence in ZOC. Not only the store’s new decoration, but also the types of rental motorcycles have become particularly diverse. There are Gogoro 2 Plus, Gogoro 3, and Gogoro. VIVA, PGO electric vehicles.

If you also have the need to rent a motorcycle in Taichung for a month or to rent a motorcycle around the island in Taichung, you are very welcome to ZOCHA. ZOCHA has very high requirements for service and vehicle quality and maintenance. It is definitely a good partner for your motorcycle rental.

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