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Little Explorer Dihua Street Treasure Hunt

Travel expert : Xiaoguan

Travel time : 2-3 hours

Tour content : historical explanation, English learning, manual DIY, pastry tasting, treasure hunting game

Language : Chinese/English

Transportation: On foot

Suitable age: parent-child

Joy level:

Parent-child interaction:

​History and Culture:

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Daqiaotou MRT Station Exit 1 (starting point):

Here is a brief history of Dihua Street. The history of Dihua Street can be traced back to more than 170 years ago. The Tong'an people here have a higher acceptance of outsiders, which puts them on the stage of glorious tea export.



Old Taipei Bridge landscape and copper-plastic landscape:

There is a bronze sculpture of the old Taipei Bridge on the ground. There are also old photos of Taipei Bridge and Danshui River. Did you know? The original north-south train route used Taipei Bridge to go south through Sanchong!



Locomotive waterfall:

· Watch the world’s wonder "Locomotive Waterfall" here. Guess how many locomotives will flood into Taipei City at the intersection of the bridge at peak time?



Ten buildings:

It used to be very busy with people coming and going. Because it is close to the Danshui River, there are ten merchants connected here, and you can buy goods directly from the back door near the Danshui River. It is a photo spot for wedding dresses and net beauty. Here we tell you the story of the old house.



Li Tingxiang (tasting cakes):

With the taste and craftsmanship of making traditional pastries, Bainian Pastry Shop has become a living historical witness with Dihua Street. We will try the signature flat cakes of this pastry shop. Let’s talk about the creativity and stories behind the various cakes.



Lao Miancheng Lantern Shop:

Do you know why the old shops on Dihua Street hang lights in front of them? The lights are actually exactly the same as the "Ding" in Taiwanese, representing Ding Xingwang. The century-old lantern shop has inherited the lantern craftsmanship of the old era, coupled with innovative Japanese and Hakka flower cloth lanterns, adding a touch of character to this old street.



Police Department during the Japanese Occupation Period:

This building, which was modeled after a police station a hundred years ago, is currently a fire station. Because the Japanese left complete building materials, the government was able to rebuild the former police station.



Lin Fengyi:

This shop silently displays the necessities for people's livelihood a hundred years ago. It's a pity that most people don't need it now. However, we will still introduce you to the unexpected features of the old-time appliances.



DIY Paper Clay Pastry:

(Use paper clay of different colors together and put it into a cake mold to make paper clay cakes as souvenirs) Come to Dadaocheng not only to walk around, we also let you learn the tradition by hand in addition to eating, drinking, smelling and touching Pastry making. Do not miss!



Lin Wuhu Mingxiang Museum:

· After renovation, the earliest Fujian-style building in Dadaocheng, you can now see how the grocery store was operated and operated in the past. Those doors, windows and structures hide unexpected uses. Guess how can the grandmother next door come to the grocery store that is also operated by Xiangkan to buy things after closing at night, without opening the store?



Mars Monkey Green Tea Cookies Tasting:

Learn about the history of Dadaocheng tea and the innovation of refreshments-cookies and butterfly pastry are the favorite snacks of modern people, and the taste of green tea combines the old and the new. Also, don’t forget to remind the store that you can get a 10% discount with the face of the tour guide?



Qianyuan Ginseng Medicine Store:

This ginseng medicine shop can be found from the "South Street Yin Relief" in Guo Xuehu. Its special fusion architectural style and elements are like a pearl on Dihua Street. The Chinese, Japanese and Western elements of the architecture must not be missed. We will also tell you some short stories about selling medicine!



Xiahai City God Temple:

On Zhongyuan Festival and Chenghuang’s birthday, this is the most lively place in Dadaocheng. Here will explain the origin of people worshiping the city god. In addition, it will explain the origin of this temple's age. In addition, here is the only Chenghuangye in the world who has married Chenghuang's mother. We will explain to you the secrets of worshiping Chenghuangma.



Buddha Tool Shop:

Understand the traditional table and door color



Yongle Market:

This market, which started from cloth, has witnessed the rise and fall of Dadaocheng. At present, the second floor is still cloth city. There are many traditional snacks on the first floor. Here we show you the images before the market a hundred years ago.



Watsons Pharmacy (end point):

· This Watsons is the first Watsons branch in Taiwan that we have seen. We are here to talk about the story of Watsons. The medicine that was sold at the beginning is still on sale now! After the end, you can go to Beimen Station and take the MRT to leave.

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