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Lakeshore Hotel Hualien

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​Store Information

​Store Tel: 03-8222666

​Business hours: 7:00-20:00 (Monday to Sunday)

​Store Features


​Scan QR Code to Rent a Car


​Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance


​Luggage storage


Free Wi-Fi


Foreign Friendly


​Electronic Invoice


pay online

門店服務_工作區域 1-min.jpg

​Electronic Tourist Map


Hour billing


​Online appointment​


​New car

How to charge for rental motorcycles in Hualien


credit card


icash Pay

​Equipped with rental motorcycles in Hualien

phone stand


Safety helmet * 2



​How to charge

1. Car rental fee:

-110 yuan per hour per hour (up to 680 yuan for 24 hours)

-The mileage is limited to 60 kilometers, if more than 60 kilometers, 3 yuan will be charged for each kilometer

2. Make an appointment to book a car:

- No need to pay deposit 👉 appointment immediately

Additional cost description

1. Road rescue:

​Please contact the store staff for details

2. Towing: billed according to mileage

3. The renter should take good care of it and the principle of no damage. If the vehicle is obviously damaged or damaged, it will be compensated for the part of the part.

cancel appointment

If you need to cancel the appointment or change the time,

Please contact 👉 ZOCHA fans or call informed.


1. Please bring ordinary heavy machine identity card and driving them shine

2. All vehicles are covered by compulsory locomotive insurance .

3. When renting and returning the vehicle, passengers are advised to check on all sides of the vehicle and take photos or videos to avoid subsequent disputes. The renter should take good care of it and the principle of no damage. If the vehicle is obviously damaged or damaged, it will be compensated for the part of the part.

- 3/4安全帽: 350 元
- 半罩安全帽: 200 元
- 手機架: 250 元
- 車套: 600 元
- 抹布: 20 元
- 鑰匙扣: 1461/511 元   
  Gogoro 2 Plus 鑰匙扣$1461
  (鑰匙費用 $1311 + 工本費 $100)  
  Gogoro 3 Plus 鑰匙扣$511
  (鑰匙費用$261+工本費$150+耗材 $100 

  - 其他車輛相關費用依照原廠報價

Lakeshore Hotel Hualien

Gogoro 2 Plus

| 24 hours maximum: 680 yuan

| Exceeding the scheduled time: 💰110 yuan / hour


Lakeshore Hotel Hualien

Lakeshore Hotel Hualien is located in downtown Meilun, about a 10-minute drive from the railway station. To the east, the sea and the sky are the same color as the Pacific Ocean, and to the west, the mountains, the sea and the heart are the closest meeting point of the city. The unique geographical location and the blue Pacific Ocean are readily available. The museum provides diversified facilities and services, making it an excellent choice for family travel.


Hualien Motorcycle Rental

When coming to Hualien, the first thing that comes to mind is the transportation in Hualien. Many people may wonder if it is convenient to rent a motorcycle in Hualien? Can Hualien rent a locomotive A and rent B to pay it back? Which car dealers are there for Hualien rental motorcycles?

First, although the place in Hualien is relatively large, it is relatively convenient to rent a locomotive in Hualien. After all, it is quite cheap to rent a locomotive in Hualien. The student population will not be too burdened. For this part, I believe that renting a locomotive in Hualien ptt and Hualien rent a locomotive. dcard... and other discussions, I will recommend everyone to come to Hualien to rent an electric scooter. In the Hualien rental motorcycle recommendation and Hualien rental motorcycle evaluation, I first recommend Hualien Lakeshore Hotel, which is a hotel above the star level. I believe in the quality of service. It must not be bad. If you want to rent a motorcycle in Hualien for hours, then this is really suitable. In the price of a motorcycle rental in Hualien, the Hualien Lakeshore Hotel is charged by the hour, and the duration of use counts.

Hualien, Car Rental, 24, Vehicle, Reviews, 4.7, Car Model, Supply, Hualien City, Landscape

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