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front page/DBS eco sustainable card: up to 13% rebate


DBS eco sustainable card: super discount on car rental

Up to 13% discount for daily rental and long-term rental

◎Applicable stores:
ZOCHA Keelung Yiyi Store, ZOCHA Taipei Ximen Store, ZOCHA Taichung Station Front Store, ZOCHA Tainan Cultural and Creative Store

◎Event period:
December 1, 110 to June 30, 111

◎Promotion content:
During the event period, ZOCHA will provide DBS eco sustainable cardholders with 8% discount for daily renters, 5% discount for long-term renters, and 5% cash reward bonus.


Revolving credit interest rate range: 5.99 ∼ 14.99%. Base date of revolving credit interest rate: February 1, 2017.
Cash advance service fee: Multiply the cash advance amount by 3.5% + NT$100.
For other fees, please visit the DBS details

DBS eco sustainable card: Shared scooter rental consumption rewards

Enjoy up to 8% cash points

◎Applicable objects:
Those who use the DBS eco sustainable card to pay for the ZOCHA shared locomotive rental fee.

◎Event period:
December 1, 110 to December 31, 110

◎Promotion content:
5% cash rewards from overweight channels + original 1.5% rewards + 1.5% overtime for domestic consumption = 8% cash rewards. The upper limit of the 5% overweight channel reward is 200 cash points, and the upper limit of the 1.5% domestic consumption overtime reward is 100 cash points.

For detailed activity information, please visit the official website of the DBS eco sustainable card: for details

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