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How to request to cancel an order?

Deposit payment has been completed

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step one

Log in to the mofun system, click "cancel appointment"

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step two

Check "Reason for Cancellation" and confirm "Refund Policy Description, and fill in "Refunder Information".

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step three

The order cancellation application has been completed. For detailed refund time, please contact "Refund Notes"

​ Refund Notes

1. Refund time:

-Consumers complete the refund application every Tuesday, and the refund process will be completed on this Friday.
ex: 10/4 (Tuesday) to complete the refund application, 10/7 (Fri) to complete the refund process

- Consumers have to complete the refund application after Tuesday, and the refund time will be delayed until the next Friday to complete the refund process.
ex: 10/5 (Wed) to complete the refund application, and next Friday 10/14 (Fri) to complete the refund process

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