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  • What are the operating hours of ZOCHA?
    Please go to store information for operating hours~~
  • What should I do if I encounter problems during non-business hours?
    You can go to ZOCHA Facebook Fan Group to private message the editorExplain your problem~~
  • Is there a rent-to-return service?
    ZOCHA can provide a rental and return service, and there will be different consignment fees (about 1,200 to 1,700 yuan) depending on the store. For details, please ask the customer service staff 0226559021 .
  • Where can I find out where to rent a car?
    Go to store information to learn more~~
  • Are there any discounts available?
    If you know about the event or discount plan, you can go to the ZOCHA Facebook fan group to learn about it~
  • How is the billing method calculated?
    The pricing method will vary according to each store and vehicle typeFor more information, please go to store information to learn more~~
  • Is there an extra charge for battery replacement?
    During the ZOCHA rental periodThe rent includes the cost of battery replacement.You can change the battery an unlimited number of times.But please note that some stores have standard riding kilometers,Additional mileage will incur additional charges.
  • What happens if I do not return the car at the scheduled return time?
    Except for long-term tenants and round-the-island customers, ZOCHA does not require customers to return the car within the scheduled return time, but if the customer fails to return the car within the scheduled time, they can call the store to inform, and the store staff will take the initiative Call to ask why~
  • Are there payment and payment methods available?
    zocha provides cash and credit card services (UnionPay cards are not supported)Some stores also provide Line Pay service~
  • Is a deposit required for renting a car?
    Except for long-term rental and round-the-island plans, no deposit is required.
  • Is prepayment required for an appointment?
    In addition to long-term tenants and round-the-island tourists, it is not a tenant of Sifangtong , no prepayment is required~
  • Do I have to pay in advance to rent a motorcycle?
    Except for long-term tenants and island-hopping guests, all others are paid after the fact.Some stores need to pay a deposit of 200 yuan in advance when booking a car rental(ZOCHA is billed by the hour, how much you ride~ how much~)
  • How to apply for the long-term rental plan & round-the-island plan?
    Can be notified at all contact windows of ZOCHA~~ZOCHA Facebook fan group, customer service phone 02- 26559021
  • Is the gas part of the oil truck included in the rent of the locomotive?
    Only ZOCHA cooperative stores will provide oil truck serviceAs much oil as the store provides, you need to return as much oil~~
  • Will there be any additional charges after the motorcycle rides across counties and cities?
    When customers come to ZOCHA to rent a car, if the rental period exceeds the county or city, it will cause serious vehicle wear and mileage exceeding the standard, and it will be calculated at a fee ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 yuan per day. For more information, please contact strong>Store Information
  • What accessories does the locomotive provide?
    All directly-operated stores will providea mobile phone holdertwo hard hatsTwo disposable hat padsAnd all the batteries exchanged during the ride are free of charge~
  • The dashboard shows that the battery is dead, what should I do?
    We will always suggest that during the rental period, when the battery on the dashboard shows two bars, you can start to find the nearest battery replacement station to replace the battery, so as to avoid the situation that the battery is too low and the vehicle may not start . When the power is lower than 1 grid, it will start to move forward to the power station. At this time, the vehicle will travel at the lowest speed.
  • What should I do when the locomotive fails to start and an orange exclamation mark appears on the dashboard?
    Possible reasons for failure to start:1. The side stand is not kicked up, please confirm when it needs to be unlocked.2. The seat cushion is not closed properly, please confirm when it needs to be unlocked.3. The rear wheel is moving, please confirm when it needs to be unlocked.4. When the battery is replaced, it is not put away, please pull it out again. After the two batteries are exchanged, slowly insert them back into the battery holder.5. During the long-term rental period, if the locomotive has not been started for a long time, it will enter the standby mode. You need to press the GO button for 5 seconds until an exclamation mark appears on the dashboard, and then press the key to start.If none of the above can be activated, please contact customer service personnel0800 875 888
  • What should I do if the motorcycle is parked on the side of the road, stolen or missing?
    Contact customer service immediately for assistance 02-26559021Because the company's electric vehicles all have GPS systems, they can be found very quickly. If it is a gasoline vehicle, the customer's assistance is required to find it.
  • I was towed for illegal parking, what should I do?
    Contact customer service immediately 02-26559021The customer will be provided with another vehicle in advance, but due to the fine fee involved, the customer needs to pay an additional fee when returning the vehicle~
  • How can the GOGORO locomotive be completely shut down?
    Basically, GOGORO has to go through the unlocking and locking modes when closing it. If your vehicle is in the starting state (motor starts), you can brake + GO key to return to the unlocking mode (dashboard lights up), and press the key again. Off (dashboard is not illuminated).
  • What should I do if the key is lost or left in the compartment?
    Basically, when renting a car, store staff will repeatedly inform the importance of keys and precautions. If you encounter this problem, you must immediately contact customer service staff 0800 875 888After that, the store staff will arrive as soon as possible to deal with it.
  • How is vehicle damage determined?
    This will be based on the Appearance Standard Comparison Table. When returning the car, the store staff will first follow the appearance of the car. If there is no problem, the car rental and return service will be completed. If there is any damage, The customer will be notified in advance, and then the third-party maintenance manufacturer will make a claim to the customer after the judgment.
  • How much weight can GOGORO double load bear?
    Basically, GOGORO 2 PLUS can carry up to 200 kg. If the customer is overweight due to double load and luggage, the store staff may not be able to rent the scooter to the customer. If this happens, I can only say sorry up.
  • How many kilometers can GOGORO ride on a full charge?
    GOGORO power will vary depending on the battery you replace.However, a fully charged battery can generally ride between 65 and 80 kilometers,☆I heard that some car owners on the Internet got a battery with a distance of more than 90 kilometers. If you get this battery, you must be a very lucky customer~~
  • Can GOGORO climb mountains?
    Of course you can~~Basically according to GOGORO’s official statement, you can climb up a 17-degree slope at a speed of 40 km/h, such as Jiufen and Yangmingshan, but it is recommended to change it before going uphill. Go up the mountain after charging once, and GOGORO has a recharge function, so you don’t need to worry about going downhill, but it’s better to pay attention to the battery at all times on the way up and down the mountain~~
  • Can the luggage be placed in the GOGORO compartment and foot area?
    Because the interior of the carriage is designed in an arc shape, backpacks can be placed but suitcases cannot be placed.The front footwell can accommodate suitcases and backpacks up to 25 cm wide.
  • What information do I need to provide when booking online?
    Required:Name, contact number, email, pick-up location,Number of reserved cars, pick-up date and time, and return date and time~~~~~~~~~~~~I want to make an appointment~~~~~~~~~~~~< /p>
  • How do I upload my motorcycle driver's license and ID card again?
    1. If you did not upload your motorcycle driver's license and ID card when you registered, you can log in to the home page again, and the uploadable block will pop up.2. If you need to change your motorcycle driver's license and ID card, due to the Personal Information Protection Act, you cannot directly change the information to the customer. You can call customer service 02- 26559021 to help with it~
  • Can I rent a car without uploading a locomotive driver's license?
    Must be a citizen of the Republic of China over the age of 20 before renting a car,And need to hold a valid Ordinary heavy locomotive driving license,And fill in the complete and detailed information and upload the front and back of the motorcycle driver's license and ID card.Rentals cannot be made without uploading.
  • How long can I keep the car on the day of the car rental after the reservation is made?
    The basic retention time is 1 hour before and after~~
  • If I want to cancel my appointment, will I be charged extra?
    Appointment cancellation basically does not require extra payment, but if there is a deposit in advance, The detailed refund policy will vary according to each store.For details, please contact store information
  • What documents do foreigners need to hold to rent a car?
    For foreignersHold the country's driver's license or international motorcycle driver's license and passport, and bind VISA when registering credit card.
  • How do I update my account information?
    Based on the Personal Information Protection Act, it cannot be changed directly by the customerInformation, you can call customer service 02-26559021 to help with it~
  • What should I do if I forget my account password?
    The unified account number is the identity card number or passport number,If you need to change the password, you can call customer service 02-26559021 to deal with it directly.
  • Can I lend my account to others?
    In order to protect the rights and interests of members themselves, members should keep their account numbers and passwords and other relevant information properly, and do not disclose or provide them to others. If they are provided to others for use, no insurance and protection can be provided.
  • Is the rental car insured?
    Yes~~ We provide the following insurance services:Compulsory motorcycle insurance: the maximum compensation for injury is 2 million yuan/the maximum compensation for property damage is 100,000 yuan.
  • Is there an additional fee for insurance?
    100Reassuring plan: External scratches within 10,000 yuan can be added to the insurance when renting, and it is underwritten by ZOCHAThird party liability insurance: If you need to add third party liability insurance, please contact 02-26559021
  • How to pay if there is a ticket for subsequent parking fees?
    If there is such a fee, the customer service will notify the customer again. And forward the bill to the address filled in during registration.
  • Where can I find out the rental history?
    After logging in to Piggy Car, you can click on the upper left corner of the homepage to find the rental history.Register/Login
  • How to deal with an accident situation?
    1. Keep the scene/photograph and store evidence (if there are no casualties at the scene and the vehicle is still difficult to drive,Wait (the vehicle can be moved first after taking photos and depositing evidence).2. Call for assistance (110 police station/119 fire station/112 emergency rescue) or customer service 0800875888.3. Cooperate with the police.4. Collect relevant vouchers and documents (collect contact information of both parties involved in the accident/obtain a triple sheet of traffic accident).※Please fill in the name of the lessee's customer on the triplicate form of traffic accident. If you fill in someone else, the insurance will not cover it. Incident Handling Process
  • Is it possible to borrow luggage at the store?
    All can be borrowed, but some cooperative stores will charge extra luggage storage fees, Please ask the store again.
  • I can't get through to the customer service, where can I get in touch?
    If the customer service staff is busy and cannot receive your call,You can directly leave a message on the message board at the bottom of the official website or go to Line@puh2795k and ZOCHA Facebook Fan Group contact us~< /p>
  • Where can I find out where to replace the power station?
    1. Use ZOCHA piggy pipe car to navigate to the nearest replacement station with one click, or use the display to display nearby replacement stations.2. Use GOOGOLEMAPS to search for GOGORO STATION for battery replacement.3. Use Swapping station query
  • Do I need a driver's license to ride a motorbike?
    Before renting a car, you must be a citizen of the Republic of China over the age of 20, and you must hold a valid Ordinary Heavy Motorcycle Driver's License, then fill in the complete and detailed information and upload the original Ordinary Heavy Motorcycle Driver's License and ID Card The reverse side.
  • Can I use ZOCHA's GOGORO for my driver's license test?
    Yes~~ But because you have not yet obtained a motorcycle driver's license, you can first ask someone with a motorcycle driver's license to register first and then rent it, and ride it to the supervision office, and then use it in the supervision office.
  • What should I do if I accidentally close the carriage when changing the battery, and the carriage cannot be opened?
    Long press the iQ System™ wireless smart key (about 2 seconds) to unlock the seat cushion and open the glove box. 👉References
  • When pressing the key to start the vehicle, a triangle warning symbol appears on the screen
    There are two reasons: the trunk is not covered properly, the side pillars are not kicked back, and the throttle correction returns 1. The rear compartment is not covered Please press the seat cushion hard to make sure the compartment is closed 2. If the side post is not kicked back, first please kick the side post back (return to the recovered state), if it still does not work, kick the side post out and then kick it back 3. Accelerator correction and return First turn the accelerator to the end and then release it to return to zero. Please repeat this action three times 👉References
  • When pressing the key to start the vehicle, the screen appears black, and there is no response when pressing the key or the magnetic card
    If the vehicle has not been started for a long time or the battery is too low, it will cause the vehicle to enter sleep mode. Press and hold the GO button on the dashboard for about 5-10 seconds until the exclamation mark flashes. Press the key or the sensor card to unlock it. Can. 👉References
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